Rules of Competitions

  1. Competition organisers accept no responsibility of any injury, death or other loss, incurred during the event.
  2. Horses/Ponies must be 4 years and over.
  3. Juniors are under the age of 17 years on 1st January of current year.
  4. Bridle or saddle cloth numbers to be worn on both sides. No numbers will be given out on the day.
  5. Ongoing results can be found on
  6. The rider of the pony/horse entered is the only person allowed to ride the pony/horse during the competition day or evening,  in the warm up arena.
  7. All entries are through website, or Equoevents.
  8. The judge’s decision is final
  9. All competitors will be given a time for their test, which will be published on the Tuesday evening for the Summer competitions, and Thursday evening for the Winter Competitions.
  10. We reserve the right to eliminate any competitor, wearing inappropriate riding wear, or using unsafe or incorrect tack.  Hats must comply to BS Kite mark and current standards.
  11. Cancellation of any part of the competition will only be done in extreme circumstances, monies will either be carried forward or refunded at 50% of cost.
  12. Any objection to results, to be made within 30 minutes of results being posted, with £20 deposit, returnable if objection is withheld.
  13. Points are allocated 1st – 7 points,  2nd – 6 points, 3rd – 5 points, 4th – 4 points, 5th – 3 points, 6th – 2 points.